Chronic pain sufferers

Sometimes patients are just used to the pain they are experiencing and think of it as a part of life; but really that pain may be a sign of something much more serious. Call today for more information.

1. Low back and leg pain

2. Neck, shoulder and arm pain

3. Pain between shoulders

4. Numbness in hands and feet

The 8 danger signs

If you are have these symptoms, the answer to your question may be "YES": headaches, loss of sleep, neck pain, tension, whiplash, scoliosis, painful joints, stiffness in the lower back, pain in lower back, numbness in arms and hands, numbness or pain in legs and pain between shoulder blades.

Experiencing these symptoms?

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5. Loss of sleep

6. Painful joints

7. Nervousness

8. Headaches

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The 8 danger signs of a problematic issue are:

Doctor giving treatment back pain sign neck pain